Firmware Releases

This blog post is a change log for each firmware release

Current Firmware Releases

Beacon: v7.01 R20

C5: v7.01 R23

ADE Dialler: v7.01 R23

FDD Dialler: v7.01 R23

D47: v7.01 R23

AQM/AQP: v7.01 R20

Server 1.12-10

Server 1.12-10


Release 23: Firmware updates without disconnecting from server. The restore stage happens after flashing during the same session.

Release 22: Added option to turn off data (web enable/disable)


iPhone bug fix for v7 firmware

Some models of iPhones appear to have a bug which sends all messages in the mode intended for smileys even when they should be sent as plain text. The iPhones we tried worked correctly and switched between both modes but evidently not all do this. Our latest firmware compensates for this as much as possible and allows compatibility with these defective phones. Please see the video for further information.

Advent Controls email not working

We have offered free emails from our systems since 2016. These have worked fine being sent from just a couple of our email addresses.  However lately, our email addresses have been blocked by our web host as they are being marked as spam by the email recipients. This means our emails system has stopped working.

There is unfortunately only one solution; individual email addresses owned and paid for by the user. If the email recipients mark these emails as spam in Hotmail or Gmail… then only this email address will be blocked and not everyone who uses our server.

If you have a contract SIM from us we will buy and pay for your own email address ( emails). If you are using the free server ( emails) we will have to buy an email address for your which will be charged to you at £10pa.

Please remove recipients of these emails from your device if they no longer wish to receive emails and please ask them not to just report the email as spam as this has consequences for everyone using our server. Once an email address is blocked due to it’s emails being marked as spam, it cannot be unblocked by us. The device can no longer send emails.

Server Updates

We have 3 servers running currently. We have two free servers on adctrl_uk and the paid server tobr_uk which is used by contract systems.

The tobr server was always ahead in terms of development. We’ve merged both IoT servers into one today which means for a few hours there was some outage.  The server which supported the Windows software remains as it was.


How does the dialler get the SIM card balance?

User question:


…the new sim card balance display on the web panel.

Quick question, how does it update?

I did a status command expecting it to drop by 2p but it stayed the same…?



The dialler gets your balance every night between midnight and 1am for free. It also connects to our server to put the data there and also tell it of any problems like multiple resets, low signal and low battery etc… That costs 1p on O2.

If O2 sends it a balance notification at any point during the day and it’s also connected it will update your balance on the server. So you might see a change during the day in that case. If you refresh the page you’ll see this if it happens.

Firmware Updates for Honeywell Diallers

GSM dialler updates

Behind the scenes with our web server

The Honeywell ADE Diallers were originally shipped with v7.03 firmware. If you send ‘status’ to the device the reply will contain the firmware version. We went to 7.04 then had to start going backwards because 7.05 is used by another server. So now we’re on 7.01 Release 005. When your dialler connects to our server (this happens when there is an event like an alarm sounding) it checks your firmware and notifies us if your firmware is out of date.

If we don’t have your SIM card network and telephone number we won’t do anything unless we see a critical issue.

If the link in your SMS messages is not working or saying ‘Link Expired’ please email us with your device SIM telephone number and network and we’ll update it for you.

We have made many changes to v7 firmware since we first released it last year. As with everything these days you should keep it up to date as we find issues and fix them.