Alpha GSM Pulse or Toggle and Call Handling Question

>A few questions on its operation.
>1) when you ring the device, if it recognises a valid number just it answer the call or simply >open the gate?
>2) when it recieves the command to open the gate, just it flip the relay and hold the relay in >that sate until it recieves the close command, or does it pulse the relay for a set period?

Hi Dave,

Thank you for your questions. By default it will ring out when you call it whether it recognises your number or not. However you can set it to automatically reject all calls… [or even reject when open, connect when closed (or vice versa)]. To reject all calls you would send it the following message:

Reject all

To go back to the original state:

Reject never

By default it pulses for 2-3 seconds when you call it. Again you can change this to latch on and then off each call using the following command:

RLYMODE TOGGLE (toggle relay between calls)

…and back to normal with:

RLYMODE PULSE (relay mode pulsed – normally open)

If you have any further queries please feel free to get in touch.



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