PAYG or Contract SIM for Alpha GSM Gate Opener

Hi,  Will I need a contract SIM or will a Pay As You Go SIM work with the GSM Gate Opener? Thanks,


Hi David,

Thank you for your email.  It depends on what you intend to do with it.  If you only occasionally anticipate getting SMS messages from it (for things like checking numbers, checking signal strength etc…) then a PAYG SIM with minimal credit will probably be good enough.  You can get a pre-paid SIM from GiffGaff (which uses the O2 network) with as little as £5 credit on it.  Or you could use Vectone (we use these) who use the EE network.  They have good coverage as they are the combined T-Mobile and Orange network.

If you use a PAYG SIM you must setup the SMS or DIAL command so the board occasionally makes a call/text to keep the SIM alive e.g.

SMS 07000000000,30.  will send a text every 30 days to 07000 000 000




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