GSM Alarm Auto Dialer Question


1) The page says “If the enclosure is metallic you will need to use an SMA coaxial extension cable (not Reverse Polarity RP) so you can mount the antenna outside of the enclosure.”
I have a metallic enclosure, so I do not understand the requirement for antenna type.
It says to use
– a SMA extension cable and
– NOT Reverse Polarity type antenna.
Do you have a photo of both types? so I can understand the difference how it looks

auto-dialer cable

GSM dialer SMA Extension Cable

GSM Auto Dialer UFL to SMA Connection
GSM Auto Dialer Board to Antenna Cable

Thank you for your question The kit comes with a 15cm U.FL to SMA cable which can be connected directly to the antenna.  If you drill a hole in your enclosure you can mount the aerial externally on this cable.  If you need an extension cable then you would need to source a non reverse polarity SMA cable.  If you look at the attached picture you will see the aerial has the pin which goes in to the SMA socket.  On a RP-SMA the socket has the pin.  GSM equipment uses SMA WiFi/IT equipment uses the RP-SMA.  The attached pictures match our equipment although you probably don’t need another cable – you can just use the one suppled.

2) if I wanted the unit to call/ring my cellphone repeatedly (‘n’ times etc)
How would I need to configure the unit.
In short – i read I can store a few numbers for it to call on alarm trigger.
So do I put my same cell number in each spot? etc or other way

Yes that would be a good way of getting the unit to repeatedly call you.  If you put your number in 10 times it will call you 10 ten unless you answer it and hang up or answer it and press the # key.  There is a 4 minute time limit on calling however so 10-15 numbers is the realistic limit for calling.

3) How stable is this unit, will it trigger false alarms when no alarm has been triggered by the alarm security system, (such as a HONEYWELL VISTA system etc) for example.
I just want to get some idea other users experience on false alarm.

There should not be any false triggers so long as the wiring is secure.  The unit has an optically isolated input so is very insensitive to electrical noise.

4) What is power supply requirement ?

The GSM Alarm Auto Dialer runs off 12-24VDC at approximately 25mA idle.  It will use up to 500mA during calling.  It can usually be connected straight to the alarm power supply.

The system is available directly from the Advent Controls GSM Auto-dialer website here:



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