Auto Dialer and Gate Opener Board Out of Stock March 2014

Please accept our apologies as unfortunately we sold out of this board due to ever increasing demand at the start of March 2014.  Every batch we increase the number of boards produced and we’ve also scheduled builds every 2 months with our assembly partners.  Hopefully this should be the last time we’re caught out as we’ve very much learned our lesson!  The first approval boards will be with us mid-week w/c 24/3/2014 and the full order is due the following week.

On the plus side the new board v3.02 will be our best yet.  Like 3.01 it has two inputs and one output but with the new board will come new firmware.  The main upgrades will allow balance forwarding for PAYG SIMs, easier adding and removing of numbers and the LIST command will now show the number type as well as just the number.

Advent Controls Auto Dialer and Gate Opener PCB v3.01

v3.01 2 input dialer/SMS sender

We will also include in the firmware some code to allow either us, Advent Controls, or you the user/installer to dial in to the device with our software and check/modify numbers and settings.  You can also see live input and output statuses.  Initially the software will be available as an SDK only with basic source code written in VB.NET.  Eventually a full release will be available.  You can dial in from a standard 56k PSTN modem or another GSM/GPRS modem.  Details to follow!

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