GSM Dialer and Gate Opener A3.02 Firmware 3.10 Released

We’re riffling through these releases pretty quickly at the moment and are now shipping Firmware 3.10 which should be the last significant change for a while.  The program memory inside the chip on these boards (like the hard drive in a computer) has been bursting for since v2.08 and each release requires considerable optimisation of the existing code to make space for the new features.  We’re keen to not encroach on the area designated for telephone number storage and we can still offer the current 384 numbers here.

Firmware Debugging

Firmware Debugging and Testing

What’s new in 3.10?

Input Hold-off Timer

This version sees the inclusion of an input hold off timer which allows a delay in sending of the alarm SMS or dialing of the call numbers for a period from 1s to over 4 hours.  In the case for access control this is useful were the inputs are fitted to a door or gate.  You can add a switch or sensor to tell you if the door has been left open.  For intruder and fire alarm applications this can be useful to cut down on false alarms where the alarm is accidentally triggered for a short time before quickly being reset by the operator.  Note it isn’t simply a delay; the active state of the alarm must remain set for the period of the timer otherwise the timer will reset.

The system can also be set to repeat the SMS /dialing every timer period if desired i.e. your ‘DOOR IS OPEN’ text message can be sent over and over every 10 minutes or however long specified until someone closes it!

HOLDB R10m.    [delays sending input B SMS for 10 minutes and then repeat every 10 minutes]

A Then B Logic

A new logic function has been added to the dialer which requires input A to be active before input B for the dialing to commence (if required; by default either input triggers dialing).  Input A must still be active when Input B is triggered.  This allows the dialer to only respond when the events occur in sequence.  For access control applications this can be useful for detecting the direction of travel of people entering and exiting a building e.g. you could have two photocells set up so the one is tripped before the other by someone walking down a passage.  This can tell you the direction they are walking in.


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