GSM Switch and Dialer Question

Do you make a simple GSM activated relay?  [We] have several applications where in addition to SMS/email alerts the client would also like to have an alarm beacon in activated – is this possible using one of your devices?

GSM Switch

GSM Switch with Volt-Free Relay Output

Thank you for your enquiry. Yes we do have a call/SMS activated relay on our dialer board. It can also be activated by Input A.

The relay can be timed by a call (1s to over 4 hours) or toggled – one call switches it on and the next switches it off. Input A can be set to act like a call has been received following the settings for how the system handles a call (i.e. timed or toggled)

The ON command will switch the relay on until it receives an OFF command by SMS text. You can also specify how long you want the relay ‘on’ for by SMS:

on 100 (sets the relay for 100 seconds)

on 100m (sets the relay for 100 minutes)

OFF will cancel this timed period

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