Week Ending 08/08/14…

Just a little post about what is new in the world of Advent Controls.  We’ve had some rough drawings and ideas about a new concept in the design of intercoms in general.  What we want as installers is a nice flush mount finish but without having to spend hours smashing bricks out of a wall.  The simplest installations are simple surface mount units like our basic 1-button GSM intercom (http://www.adventcontrols.co.uk/gsm-door-entry.html).  These are great for a quick installation but ideally for vandal resistance and aesthetic reasons we would prefer flush mounting.

Panel Intercom 1st Iteration

Panel Intercom 1st Iteration

The answer is an ultra thin panel style intercom.  We finally started prototyping the PCBs for this design this week and it’s coming along nicely!  Currently we’re working to an 8mm thick design but who knows how thin these will be eventually.  I really believe this is the future for intercom design as they look fantastic, are simple to fit and are extremely strong solid units.

Designing the Panel Intercom

Designing the Panel Intercom

Electronics wise one of the hardest design aspects we’ve found has been to add bulk capacitance for AC voltage smoothing.  Second to this is the speaker thickness and displaced volume (which affects the efficiency of the audio system).  We do believe we have an answer to this on forthcoming designs which could see the thickness of the unit drop below 5mm!  For now we’re keeping with conventional design and sacrificing ultimate packaging efficiency.

Front Panel Design Layout

Front Panel Design Layout

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