1 Button GSM Door Entry Intercom Video

In the video Michael demonstrates our classic 1 button GSM Door Entry Intercom.  It’s been around a while now and has been refined into a very solid system with excellent audio and an easy to use programming method.

The Advent Controls GSM Door Entry Intercom System Key Features:

  • Internal Aerial for Simple and Fast Installation
  • Simple SMS Programming using Intuitive Commands
  • High Audio Quality
  • Space for up to 384 Numbers
  • Dial-to-Open Access Control
  • Lowest Price GSM Intercom on Market

The system uses a high production volume enclosure with our custom UK designed and built electronics inside.  The design of the enclosure is excellent giving good audio and protection against the elements.  As with all of our products the firmware is written in house and has been refined over time to work seamlessly with every network.

The Intercom is available on our website here for just £149 (£124.17+VAT!)

GSM Intercom

Mobile phone based Door Entry System

1 thought on “1 Button GSM Door Entry Intercom Video

  1. Paul B

    hello, i was wondering what your views are on hosted voip versus GSM. I know we are talking about 2 different technologies. However, with a hosted VoIP intercom you can pretty much achieve what you can from GSM. I guess the main difference is cost ? For example with a SIP enabled Intercom you could integrate it to a hosted vop account. You can pick up a single line package for around £5 a month. The intercoms call can route to mobiles ( like GSM). You can also control the hunt groups etc from the internet. For example, just log into your Cloud IP telephone portal and change phones numbers. Do you guys encounter SIP intercoms and hosted voip much ?


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