GSM Dialer and Gate Opener Out of Stock

Unfortunately due to high demand recently we have again sold out of the A3.02 dialer and relay board.  Although we expected the latest batch to have been assembled by now we also ran into a supply chain issue with a component we only use on this product (the AP5004SG-13 buck regulator if you’re interested!).  The stock we thought was there in our distributor’s warehouse wasn’t.

GSM Switch

GSM Switch with Volt-Free Relay Output

We’ve managed to secure a supply of the chips due to land on Friday 10th of October and our assembler is able to build the PCBs as soon as they arrive so we should have a good supply of the board at some point mid-week next week.  Currently we expect this to be Wednesday 15th of October and expect them to still be warm having just come out of the reflow oven!

Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.  Hopefully the period of no stock will be as short as possible.

Michael Beaver


Advent Controls

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