Wiring guide for the GSM Alarm Auto-dialler with Honeywell Optima Compact

Dear Sir,

I recently bought the above dialler from you through eBay.  I have also bought a Honeywell Optima Compact alarm panel which I hope to both wire up tomorrow.  I assume that you have been asked for an idiots guide on how to wire these two units together in the past?
Can you offer a simple guide?
I’ve attached a pic of the terminal strip from the Optima.  I hope that helps.
Thanks in advance!

Optima Compact PCB

Honeywell Optima Compact PCB


Thank you for your email.  It’s quite straight forward with your panel.  You can use one of the 13v/0v pairs whichever is most convenient for the power but ideally the comms output terminals on the left hand side which are seperately fused (this helps in case of a short during wiring).  These go to one of the VIN terminals 13v (the lower one is best as it has on-board thermal fuse protection) and the GND terminals (0v).  You then connect the bell – terminal (B in the diagram) to input A/B.

They are the only connections you need.


Advent Controls

The GSM Dialler is available from our online shop here

GSM Dialer

GSM Alarm Auto-dialer

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