GSM Dialer Connection to a PIR Detector and use as a GSM Gate Opener

Hi, can I check how I would wire up a standalone PIR to this to activate the dialler (seperate to the alarm panel)? Also out of curiosity the output controls on this autodialer are they the same as the GSM gate opener board (ie so can be used to open gates too)? Many thanks.

GSM Dialer

Advent Controls GSM Dialer and Gate Opener


You can wire the PIR output directly to the GND and input terminal (A or B).  The dialer expects and Normally Open (NO) type of signal so it send messages when the equipment closes it’s output contacts.  With a PIR, however, the output is Normally Closed (NC).  So you just need to tell the dialer to trigger when the input goes open as follows:

inlevel open

The gate opener and dialer are the same product except people use the inputs on the dialer and outputs on the gate opener.  It is perfectly OK to use both the inputs and outputs at the same time and hence use the same board as a dialer and a gate opener.


Advent Controls

GSM Dialer Link

GSM Gate Opener Link

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