Boxing Day; Debugging intercoms in the snow

Advent Controls in the snow

A snowy Advent Controls office

We were hoping to have the new Gold G2 Intercom ready for release in early January not least because we have some very interested customers hoping to be able to offer it soon. We also have some availability in the factory so the pressure is on to get it done. However as with any new product there is an extremely long list of variables that needs testing and will throw up problems so enough of the Christmas cake we’re back to work on Boxing Day!

GSM Intercom Power Supply Testing

Power Supply Testing

Today’s job was to improve the power supply performance at 900MHz. With the supply set to 11V we had a voltage drop at the GSM power amp of 300mV when transmitting at peak power. The spec on the chip allows for a drop of up to 400mV however our target is 100mV for this unit. The 2-Button Intercom which has been refined through 7 PCB variants has a voltage drop of less than 50mV which is the ultimate target for this unit.

It was a long day (Michael finished after 19:00) only to find his bike covered in snow! At least he earned his turkey supper.

Snow covered bike

Michael’s Ride Home

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