Friedland Response SA5 Alarm connection to GSM Auto Dialer and SMS Sender

Response SA5 GSM Dialer Wiring Connection using Relay

GSM Dialer Connection using Relay

There are 3 ways of connecting the Advent Controls GSM Alarm Dialer to the Friedland Response SA5/SL5 Wireless Alarm panel.  The easiest way is to make use of the output relay on the internal wiring connection header within the Response panel.  By connecting the GSM dialer’s input to the GND terminal through the alarm’s relay NO (Normally Open) and C (Common) terminals the dialer will start calling and sending SMS messages.

Response SA5 GSM Dialer Wiring

Connection using the wired bell output

When using the relay the panel must be programmed to output a signal using the relay when the alarm sounds.  The following is taken from the manual

Relay settings for connecting the Reponse SL5 Burglar Alarm to a GSM Dialer

Response SL5 Relay Config

Setting the relay to 2s if sufficient.  Thanks to Ray Dunne for the information

The second way makes use of the 12v output designed to drive an external wired bell.  Unusually this terminal goes from a high impedance state to +12V when active (alarm sounding).  This is contrary to the requirements of most wired bells which normally are wired to an open collector transistor output which is pulled to 0v (negative edge) when active.

The dialer can be set to look for the positive edge using the following command:

inlevela open      (Firmware F3.11 and earlier) or,

inlevela positive (Firmware F3.12 and later)

As the output is high impedance when not active it will be pulled high by the dialer input source current.  Therefore a resistor should be wired between the Input A terminal and GND to keep the input at 0v when not active.  The resistor should be 470-2000 ohms.  A 470R resistor is normally included with the dialer for this purpose

Finally it is also possible to wire the integral voice dialer to the input as in the Yale alarm video.  When the alarm goes ‘off the hook’ to dial the numbers the GSM dialer sees a connection between input and GND triggering dialing using the GSM network.

The Advent Controls GSM Alarm Dialer is available here

GSM Gate Opener A3.02

Advent Controls A3.02

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