WD40 & Gold G2 GSM Intercom

Here’s a quick tip to make the Advent Controls Gold Range of GSM Intercoms look even better.  If you spray WD-40 or similar along the top edge of the PCB with the rear cover removed, capillary action (wicking) will suck the oil in between the PCB and the front plastic which gives the front acrylic the appearance of being part of the PCB.  It also hides all the via holes in the PCB and any dust trapped between the two parts.  We would do this but you first need to stick your name tags on the gold patches or write on them.  Perhaps wait until we release a video of the procedure.

You should also spray this in the speaker holes to reduce water gathering at the bottom

G2 Intercom Oiled

Advent Controls Gold G2 Intercom

Gold G2 Intercom without Oil

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