Wiring a RISCO WisDom Alarm Panel to the GSM SMS Dialer

The Risco Wireless alarm is unusual in that it operated from a 9V AC supply. It may at first appear to be too low a voltage to operate our dialer, however, once rectified to DC the voltage will be around 12.5V and sufficient to power our board.  To do this simply connect the two AC supply terminals on the RISCO panel to our two VIN terminals.

RISCO WisDom GSM Wiring

Wiring the RISCO WisDom to our GSM Alarm Dialer

WIth the supply coming from the panel being rectified on board the dialer you cannot connect the GND terminals together as usual however there is no need on this alarm as there as two relay outputs on the panel.  The two relay COM terminals are connected together and then wired to the GSM Dialer GND terminal.  The two NO terminals are then wired separately to the A and B inputs if two different messages are required.

The final stage of the process is to program the alarm outputs to do what you require.  We recommend the output connected to our input A is designated as the “Bell Intruder” output.  Input B can be used for any other alert feature like errors/unsetting & setting of the system

GSM Dialer to WisDom Output Programming

Programming Output on Risco WisDom

Click here for a link to the Risco WisDom Alarm Wiring Manual

The Advent Controls GSM Alarm SMS Sender and Dialer is available from the Advent Controls website by click this link

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