Wiring the GSM Alarm Dialer to the Scantronic 9651 Burglar Alarm Panel

Scantronic 9651 Burglar Alarm wiring a GSM dialer

Scantronic 9651 Burglar Alarm

The Scantronic 9651 alarm is unusual in that it does not actually specify which outputs are used for which function although the default setting indicate Op1 is for the bell and Op2 is for a strobe connection.  The manual states the outputs are open collector transistor outputs which suit the input of the Advent Controls GSM Alarm Dialers and SMS Senders perfectly.  To trigger the dialer either of the inputs are connected to GND which is what the open collector outputs do when active.  Hence it’s a simple case of connecting the inputs A or B to the output terminals of the Scantronic panel.  The two units must also share a common ground to complete the circuit and this is achieved by connecting the dialer GND terminal to the 0V terminal on the panel.  Power can also be derived from the panel by connecting the edge VIN terminal to the 12V AUX terminal (this terminal is protected by a thermal fuse).

Advent Controls GSM SMS Sender to Scantronic 9651 Alarm Panel

GSM Dialer Wiring Diagram

In the diagram we’ve also connected OP3 to input B.  This optionally allows the user to receive a SMS text message when the alarm is unset.  Use the ‘customB’ command to set up a customised message for this input/textnumb to set up a unique list of users for this message.  When using the default alarm panel settings the input voltage level at which the message is sent will need to be changed so it sends the message when the alarm is unset:

inlevelb open

This must be done as the alarm outputs when the alarm is going set and returns to the inactive state when going unset.  If the default GSM Dialer settings are preferred the panel can be programmed to output when the alarm is going unset as follows (see page 58 of the installer’s manual):

Command:  83 OP:3 Default:03 Set Latch

Should be changed to – 16 Unset Complete: active for 10 seconds after someone unsets the
system or disarms it after an alarm.

Whether this is done on the panel or the dialer depends on whether the installer prefers modifying the dialer settings or the panel settings.

The Advent Controls GSM Alarm Dialer is available here

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