Firmware Updates for Honeywell Diallers

GSM dialler updates

Behind the scenes with our web server

The Honeywell ADE Diallers were originally shipped with v7.03 firmware. If you send ‘status’ to the device the reply will contain the firmware version. We went to 7.04 then had to start going backwards because 7.05 is used by another server. So now we’re on 7.01 Release 005. When your dialler connects to our server (this happens when there is an event like an alarm sounding) it checks your firmware and notifies us if your firmware is out of date.

If we don’t have your SIM card network and telephone number we won’t do anything unless we see a critical issue.

If the link in your SMS messages is not working or saying ‘Link Expired’ please email us with your device SIM telephone number and network and we’ll update it for you.

We have made many changes to v7 firmware since we first released it last year. As with everything these days you should keep it up to date as we find issues and fix them.

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