Advent Controls email not working

We have offered free emails from our systems since 2016. These have worked fine being sent from just a couple of our email addresses.  However lately, our email addresses have been blocked by our web host as they are being marked as spam by the email recipients. This means our emails system has stopped working.

There is unfortunately only one solution; individual email addresses owned and paid for by the user. If the email recipients mark these emails as spam in Hotmail or Gmail… then only this email address will be blocked and not everyone who uses our server.

If you have a contract SIM from us we will buy and pay for your own email address ( emails). If you are using the free server ( emails) we will have to buy an email address for your which will be charged to you at £10pa.

Please remove recipients of these emails from your device if they no longer wish to receive emails and please ask them not to just report the email as spam as this has consequences for everyone using our server. Once an email address is blocked due to it’s emails being marked as spam, it cannot be unblocked by us. The device can no longer send emails.

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