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GSM Intercom with Keypad Sketches

With our current 1-button intercom out of stock we’ve been working on the latest generation of 1-button intercom for our Gold range.  We intend to produce a mini 1-button intercom, almost the equivalent of a doorbell, at a later stage but for now we’re concentrating on what everybody wants – an integrated keypad.

GSM Door Entry

1 Button GSM Intercom with keypad layout sketch – 4 across

We’d like it to share the same plastics as the two button unit as this is as large as our installers want it to be.  So we’ve had to come up with a few options of how we get the 10 number keys and a call button on there.  Here is what we’ve come up with.  Feedback always appreciated (leave a comment)!

Is having the zero key to the right an abomination as it seems to look right!

GSM Door Entry and Keypad

1 Button GSM Intercom with keypad layout sketch – Keypad with remote 0

GSM Door Entry

1 Button GSM Intercom with keypad layout sketch – full pad

GSM Door Entry with Keypad

1 Button GSM Intercom with keypad layout sketch – 5 across

What’s new in October

This month we sold out of the GSM autodialer  (http://www.adventcontrols.co.uk/gsm-auto-dialer.html) and gate opener boards again.  We made a much bigger batch last time but unfortunately due to some large orders in September this did not cover demand.  We have scheduled another batch to be produced in Decemeber, earlier than planned, so this should not happen again.

GSM Switch

GSM Switch with Volt-Free Relay Output

The lack of the auto dialer has provided us with the opportunity to catch up on a few things from redesigning the office to finishing off some new products.  One product of great interest that I have been working is our latest GSM intercom.  It’s been mentioned before on the blog but this week I have been working on the prototype and have something physical to work with.


GSM GOLD Intercom Development Unit

The finished product should look great as the prototype is very appealing despite it not being assembled correctly by us!  We will be leaving the plastic assembly to the professionals in production.


GSM GOLD Intercom Development Unit showing thickness

The concept was to create a flat GSM intercom which appears flush mounted despite being surface mounted.  It was to feature an internal aerial making installation quick and simple.  The challenge of packaging the electronics found on our existing intercom design (shown below) (http://www.adventcontrols.co.uk/gsm-door-entry.html) into a 5mm thick PCB was tough but we did it.  I suspect future designs will be even thinner although the limiting factor is the speaker at 5.5mm thick.  With 1mm plastic either side for protection this gives a minimum thickness of 7.5-8mm including the rear seal.

GSM Intercom PCB

1 button GSM intercom PCB