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Advent Controls G2 GSM Door Entry Intercom Development

In the video Michael shows us how we’re progressing with the development of the Advent Controls Gold-G2 GSM Intercom

 GSM Intercoms are available to buy here

1 Button GSM Door Entry Intercom Video

In the video Michael demonstrates our classic 1 button GSM Door Entry Intercom.  It’s been around a while now and has been refined into a very solid system with excellent audio and an easy to use programming method.

The Advent Controls GSM Door Entry Intercom System Key Features:

  • Internal Aerial for Simple and Fast Installation
  • Simple SMS Programming using Intuitive Commands
  • High Audio Quality
  • Space for up to 384 Numbers
  • Dial-to-Open Access Control
  • Lowest Price GSM Intercom on Market

The system uses a high production volume enclosure with our custom UK designed and built electronics inside.  The design of the enclosure is excellent giving good audio and protection against the elements.  As with all of our products the firmware is written in house and has been refined over time to work seamlessly with every network.

The Intercom is available on our website here for just £149 (£124.17+VAT!)

GSM Intercom

Mobile phone based Door Entry System

Is the GSM Door Phone Entry Intercom System Suitable for Outdoor Use?

In the video we test the Advent Controls GSM 1-Button Door Entry system’s waterproof credentials.  Although officially rated as IP45 the unit is fully waterproof to falling rain despite the carefully designed holes for the microphone, speaker and wiring.

Can the Advent Controls GSM Intercom stand up to the ice bucket challenge?  Can it take a good hosing down?  Should JB find a new job as a fireman or stick to packing boxes?  All is revealed.

A donation was made to the charity RoadPeace

vlcsnap-2014-09-01-12h12m04s247The GSM Door Entry Intercom is available from our website on the following link:


GSM Gate Intercom Animation

I don’t know who did this but ‘Nigel’ has the right idea (although he should have used one of ours – ours is an all in one unit!).  I like it!


Save yourself time and money and buy an Advent Control One-Piece GSM Door Entry Intercom from here http://www.adventcontrols.co.uk/gsm-door-entry.html

More bizarre GSM Intercom Animations!

Looks like the previous post wasn’t the only GSM Intercom animation out there.  This one makes a good but pretty obvious point:


I think it’s a company called Witura doing the animations.  They are Malaysian and probably want to appeal to an international audience, hence the animation.  They only slightly insult your intelligence but I still approve!

Check out our all in one GSM Intercom and Door Entry system here: