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GSM Roller Shutter Remote Control Board with Dead-Man Operation

GSM Roller Shutter Remote Control in Enclosure

Control your roller shutter or garage door with your mobile phone

Today we added our roller shutter remote control board to the website.  We’ve had this one for a few months now but have finally got some quantity in stock.  This board is great for controlling roller shutters with separate inputs for opening and closing the shutter.  With the ‘CHANNEL ALT’ command you can set the call relay to alternate on each call.  This allows one call to open the shutter and the next to close it… and so on.

The new ‘Ring Mode’ (which is now also available on our Alpha GSM Gate Opener Board) allows the caller to operate the shutter whilst the call is ringing – stopping as soon as the call is ended.  This makes the system ideal for controlling so called ‘dead man’ shutters where the switch must be held during the entire movement of the shutter.  There is a good demonstration of this in the video below.

GSM Roller Shutter Remote Control

Control your roller shutter with your mobile phone

The Roller Shutter Remote Control Board is available on the Advent Controls website